Nokia battery series

Product Name: Nokia battery series
Product ID: nokia
MOQ: 1000pcs
Product Introduce: Nokia battery series for all nokia models

Nokia Battery Specification:

nokia bl-5u battery for nokia 8800E,8900E,8900i

nokia bl-4u battery for Nokia 3120 Classic,Nokia 5530 XpressMusic ,Nokia 5730 XpressMusic ,Nokia 6216 classic ,Nokia 6600i slide ,Nokia 6600 slide ,Nokia 8800 Arte ,Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte ,Nokia 8800 Gold Arte ,Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte ,Nokia E75

nokia bp-4l battery for nokia 6650 T-MOBILE/6790/E61I/E52/E55/E63/E71/E71X/E72/E90/E95/N97

nokia bl-5c battery for nokia 3100/1100/1108/1110/1112/1116/1200/1208/1255/1315/1508/1600/1650/1680C/1681C/2112/2320C/2323C/2330C/2135/2255/2280/2300/2310/2355/2600/2610/2626/2700C/3100/3105/3109C/3110C/3110EVOLVE/3120/3125/3610A/3610F/3650/5130XM/6030/6085/6086/6108/6130/6130I/6225/6230/6230I/6330/6263/6267/6268/6270/6555/6600/6630/6670/6680/6681/6682/6820/6822/7600/7610/E50/E60/N70/N71/N72/N91/N918G/N-Gage/

nokia bp-4d battery forNokia N97 mini

nokia bl-4c battery for nokia 2650, 2651, 2652, 3108, 5100, 6088, 6100, 6101, 6102i, 6103, 6125, 6126, 6131, 6133, 6136, 6170, 6260, 7200, 7270, 6126, 6300, 1265, 1325, 6066 etc

nokia bl-4b battery for nokia 1209/2505/2630/2660/2760/5000/6111/7070/7088/7370/7373/7500PRISM/N75/N76

nokia bp-6m battery for nokia 3250/6151/6233/6234/6280/6288/9300/9300I/N73/N77/N93/N93S

nokia bp-6mt battery for nokia N81/E51/N82/N82(8G)/6720C

nokia bl-6q battery for nokia 6700/6700C

nokia bl-5s battery for nokia mobile phone

nokia bp-5m battery for nokia 7390/5610XM/5700XM/5710XM/6110C/6220C/6110NAVIGATOR/6500S/7379/7390/8600LUNA

nokia bl-4ct battery for nokia 2720 fold, 5310 Xpress music ,5630 Xpress music ,6600fold, 7210c, 7310c

nokia bl-6f battery for nokia N95-8G/N78/N79/

nokia bl-5bt battery for nokia 2600C/7510A/7510S/N75

nokia bp-6x battery for nokia 8800,8800s

nokia bl-4s battery for nokia 2680S/2608C/3600S/6208C/6280C/7100S/7610C/7610S

Li-ion battery
Long talking and standby time
Long life cycle
Dual IC superior quality
No memory effect
Lithium Ion technology
Quality from China manufacturer Guaranteed
Best possible performance and long lasting battery life
Best replacement for the original battery
Compatibility With nokia models.
3.7V Output
Working temperature: -15 to 50
Grade A Li-ion battery cell, highenergy environmental protection, durable energy conservation, long standby time and long talking time.
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