Nokia 6788i with China Mobile

Nokia unveiled the Nokia 6788i, an updated version of the Nokia 6788, which will be the first phone with MM-Ovi Store pre-loaded. Nokia and China Mobile recently announced MM-Ovi Store, a combination of the companies respective application stores. MM-Ovi Store will be pre-installed on Nokia’s China Mobile handsets and enables access to a diverse range of mobile applications and games. It gives a significant boost to Ovi Store and will help Nokia grow its ‘active users’ number, which it regards a a key performance indicator. It seems likely that Nokia and China Mobile have a road map of devices that will make use of MM-Ovi Store and we can expect to see further TD-SCDMA handset announcements in due course in addition to the usual Chinese variants of standard Nokia devices.

China represents a huge market opportunity in mobile. China Mobile has more than 500 million subscribers and is expected to grow significantly over the next few years. To put this in context the four biggest US operators (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile) have around 260 million subscribers combined. Operator partnerships are vital in the highly regulated Chinese market and this strategic agreement puts Nokia in a good position compared to some of its competitors.

This news is from China electronics manufacturer.

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