Mobile Power – a good market for smartphone and tablet PC

2012, iphone and android smart phones, tablet PCs, as well as various types of portable equipment, hot, in less than two years, the class of portable digital products accounted for 80% of themarket. Digital equipment is fun, can is battery too do not give the force. This year, most manufacturers have seen this market opportunity, have launched a mobile power products.

iphone power

According to incomplete statistics, China for mobile power supply manufacturers, has more than 1000, the face of these kinds of different quality mobile power consumer show to choose? If not a professional mobile power network, will consumers and the industry as a whole is a lack of performance. the earliest launch of a mobile power professional online media, from its birth to the now well received by manufacturers and consumer concerns. the, assigned to the mobile power supply manufacturers and product control everywhere inspection – personally evaluation of the product, personally inspected the vendor qualifications, in order to provide consumers with high-quality, high-quality, secure mobile power products. has become manufacturers in the promotion, advocacy, and understanding of mobile power indispensable to online media. , So that consumers in the purchase of a rigorous inspection of settled merchants and products, and personally experience and understanding of mobile power, very confident and rely

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