MediaTek release MT6575 Platform for android phone in China

MediaTek has released its third-generation MT6575 smartphone platform, the platform is highly integrated Cortex ™-A9 processor, and the Mediatek the Dialog’s 3G/HSPA rollout Modem, and supports the latest Android 4.0 operating system, compared to the previous generation performance even better in android mobile phone.


According to the introduction of MediaTek MediaTek MT6575 integrated clocked at 1GHz Cortex ™-A9 processor and Power VRTM the SGX Series5 3D graphics processor unit (GPU) that supports QHD (960 × 540 pixels) resolution screen, 8 million pixel camera and 720p HD video playback and recording, and nowadays the latest Android 4.0 version also supports.

In addition, it was introduced MediaTek Technology MT6575 dual card dual standby, as well as the industry’s lowest power, and supports hot-swap capability. The same time, the platform has been the adoption of a number of android mobile phone manufacturers, while the first sale MT6575 platform-based smart phones will be listed in the end of the first quarter of this year.

Lenovo A750 use MT6575 program is undoubtedly the most striking. And compare with MT6573, MT6575 biggest highlight of the processor clock speed to 1GH z-. It is worth noting that using the ARM Cortex A9 architecture, in theory, even higher in MT6575’sperformance than Qualcomm’s mobile phone chip industry overlord M the SM 8255 (the1GHz C ortexA8, up to 1.4GHz), while the retail price cheaper. For example, the WC the DMA version of Nokia WP phone is not currently listed in the domestic um ia800, is used in MSM 8255 program.

According to reports, the Lenovo launched three models are the “China Unicom depth customization of the thousands of smart phones, priced at 1,000 yuan. As a result, Chinese enterprises in the field of smart phones again played a role of the “price butcher”.
So the MTK6575 will take much more and more competitive in China smartphone market. And android mobile phone will be much popular all over the world.

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