New Strategy of Google remarketing

Haveyou ever thought that you are the victim for Google’s new ability “ Remarketing” ? Google is giving its customers more chances to reach their audience, which means you won’t be seeing things if you’re wondering why that same ad keeps appearing.

Google provided the example of a basketball team who could show ads for discount tickets to Web surfers on other sites who had checked out the team’s Web site earlier.

Google called this “interest-based marketing” in an interview with Search Engine Land, which rightly wondered how this is any different from “behavioral targeting”, a term with a decidedly more negative connotation among lawmakers and privacy advocates. Such practices are certainly not unique to Google, however.

Along those lines, Google made sure to mention in its blog post announcing the feature how consumers can opt-out of the remarketing targeting through the Ads Preference Manager. The new ability for Google advertisers to target customers who have visited their Web page with ads for their goods and services on other Web pages across the Google Content Network, which Google claims reaches 80 percent of the world’s Internet users.

This news is from China electronics manufacturer.

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