New concept? The first civilian wearable computer Eye-top


Wearable computer (Wearable computer) wearable body go out the activities of the computer. Such a computer of lightweight devices, the use of watch class of small machinery and electronics parts. Due to its high-end and cost-high, in the past used for military, space exploration, and other specific areas.

The recently Cobo on display at China’s first civilian wearable computer Eye-top. Eye-top wearable computer by China North Industries Group subordinate independent research and development of Yunnan north Aolei De Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., a collection of the fifth generation of the display screen and a new generation of human-computer interaction technology. The computer as a gift in the market retail price of 9800 RMB a gift edition, the retail market has not yet listed.

The first civilian wearable computer Eye-top

Eye-top wearable computer has passed the certification of CQC (China Quality Certification Center) organization category is confirmed as China’s first civilian wearable computers. Computer, system integrators, computer, 3G, Internet, optics, micro-displays, ergonomics and other areas of advanced scientific and technological achievements support wifi/3G wireless Internet access by the host of fashion eyewear shape, multi-function mouse, wireless folding keyboard, 3D Video and picture playback, online movie watching, book browsing, cloud applications.

The first civilian wearable computer Eye-top

But as the head-mounted displays, outdoor use because of the appearance and the use of more exotic, practical and spread on many issues need to be overcome. Wearable computer to the amount of production at this stage there are several technical problems to overcome. Hardware display can not main reason for the popularity of the development of equipment miniaturization and input devices, power CPU, high durable power of wearable computers.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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