Nearly a quarter of smartphone users while using the Tablet PC in America


According to foreign media reports, market research firm ComScore data shows that come out just two years after Apple iPad Tablet PC market has developed into a “critical point”, in the three months ended in April, nearly four pera smart mobile phone users at the same time using the Tablet PC.

ComScore said the past year, the proportion of smart phone users to use the Tablet PC growth more than doubled from last year’s 9.7 percent growth to 23.6%.In contrast, only 10.4% of feature phone users to use the Tablet PC, that in the current market, with a smart phone which is a harbinger of the tablet PC.

Amazonas Kindle Fire and apple iPad

ComScore Mark Donovan, senior vice president of mobile services (Mark Donovan) said in a statement, “The Tablet PC is the history of the fastest growing consumer technologies will fundamentally change the way people and the digital world to interact,Once you start to use the Tablet PC, the user will use it to access a variety of media, including watching TV, this comes as no surprise. ”
The researchers noted that “compared to other products with a smaller screen size, the larger screen of the Tablet PC is more conducive to watching the video to watch the video through the Tablet PC user is nearly three times of the users who watching a video through the smart phone, 9.5% of the Tablet PC user almost every day through the Tablet PC video.
Tablet PC users are usually older, the vast majority of users aged between 25 and 54 years old, and higher income, the vast majority of users annual income of not less than $ 75,000.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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