Microsoft weigh cautious HTC missed the first Windows Tablet


According to foreign reports, now in full swing in the Windows Tablet, as a first-tier makers of the HTC is very likely to miss the production. Microsoft to provide technical information, may be due to worry about HTC’s sales could not meet the requirement, or to worry about the lack of production experience of the HTC Windows Tablet.

Windows RT, also known as the Windows on ARM or WOA. This version will only be for the ARM architecture chips tablet or PC, and will not appear on the retail market. Windows RT tablet machine in order to fight against the iPad, later this year, Toshiba and Asus will launch the Windows RT tablet machine.
Microsoft spokesman Frank Shaw, and reluctant on this issue a positive response to the media, saying only that HTC is a strong partner. HTC United States spokeswoman Sally by Julien also said that only the HTC plans to support the new version of Windows, but did not disclose specific details.
There have been reports that Microsoft and HTC have been consulted. But various factors such as the final consolidated sales and design experience to decide and choose the first product of cooperation than the the HTC stronger vendors.
HTC engineers hope to develop a Windows Tablet machine has a customized home screen, as done in the Android tablet machine, but it was Microsoft refused. Microsoft to a number of vendors to provide an earlier version of Windows 8, but HTC is not on the list.
In fact, Microsoft’s move is also reasonable, Windows, though they have a broad user base, but this is a double-edged sword. In the face of powerful lineup of Android and iOS, if the initial product offensive is not ready, will be a serious blow to consumer confidence in the Microsoft system. Late a lot of make up work is clearly Microsoft are unwilling to accept. So, as long as Microsoft and HTC to produce a contradiction, then what is not known, large-scale distribution in the Windows Tablet, we will see HTC products.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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