Low-end smartphones ushered in the second spring


Like attracts like, dividing people into groups. “Gao Shuai Fu” is the iPhone, “fans” is millet, so in the bottom of society “silent majority” may be because of the high power consumption of smart phones, expensive and refused to use. To this end, cell phone chip business began to address these issues, the launch price for the global emerging markets less than 600 yuan, to maintain the number of days used by 2G big screen smart phones. Some analysts believe that the related chip solution will allow low-end smart phone industry ushered in another spring.

EDGE smartphone is born
Although in many countries worldwide, both the layout of 3G networks, but based on 2.5G (GSM EDGE) smart phone mobile phone manufacturers and chip makers in the mainland white card is still optimistic.
It is understood that the G-Five, including many mainland white-box handset vendors in the field of 2.5G smartphone key inputs, in order to profit in Africa, Latin America, India and other emerging markets. Recently, chip manufacturers in the Mainland Spread trum Communications has released the industry’s first 40nm 1GHz low-cost smart phone chipSC6820, mainly for the 2.5G smartphone supply.
According to reports, the SC6820 is a EDGE / WIFI Edition 1GHz low-cost smart phone platform, which uses the Cortex the A5 processor 1GHz clock speed, the integration of advanced multimedia subsystem, including 3D/2D graphics acceleration, Mali graphics processing unit, support high-definition video playback, a 5 million pixel camera, FWVGA display, as well as wireless connectivity, including Bluetooth, WIFI and GPS. The SC6820 image processing and web browsing performance can be comparable with the world’s most popular smart phone models, provide users with high-quality Internet access, application procedures and gaming experience.

Huge purchasing power of the mass market
Why production based on the 2.5G smartphone? Market research firm iSuppli, the survey shows that consumers buy intelligent machines first and foremost consideration price, accounting for 75%, followed by the operating system and CPU frequency, respectively, accounted for 70% and 65%. In such cases, the price advantage of the 2.5G smartphone, iSuppli Research Director Wang said. He said that the price of the 2.5G smartphone is generally lower than 1000 yuan, the minimum can be as low as 500 to 600 yuan, a very attractive low-end consumer.
The industry believes that the 2.5G smartphone for the world’s rapidly growing low-income groups. Related survey found that a common phenomenon worldwide – the world’s middle-income groups, income growth is slowing down, low-income groups income is increasing. Such as China, the minimum income protection is constantly doubled from 800 yuan to 1200 yuan, 1400 yuan, 1600 yuan. The same situation in Africa, India and other emerging and developing countries is similar. The industry generally believe that as long as the appropriate cost-effective products, low-income people will be able to burst out with strong purchasing power. Therefore, the smart phone has a huge market for low-income groups launched 2.5G.

Power-saving standby life three days
Except Cheap, what is so special about the 2.5G smartphone ? Yang answer is: “power!”
Yang introduced in many countries overseas, especially in Africa and other countries electricity supply is very unstable, and in some countries, even the presidential palace will black out. “Power saving is important to them, must be long standby time.” In fact, many domestic low-income accustomed to the traditional three or four days standby feature phones, totally unacceptable smart phone using only the power consumption of the day or even half a day .
The industry believes that the “handsome rich” and “fans” are keen 3G Internet access, in fact, for the purposes of the “silent majority” Instead, use small. Although this group was called the “silent majority” of users, they also need to be able to install a large number of applications, the smart phone game, we also need good smartphone performance, you can play the game, the same large screen phone that allows him to give him show friends. Compared with the above factors, price and power-saving factors are more important, and 3G traffic is very unimportant.
“Low-income groups in China or Africa, they install the application, install the game not be downloaded through the network, but through the computer, Bluetooth, card, so the flow of this piece must pay attention to this consumer group is not a big traffic download” Yang said that in many African countries, the 3G network is not mature, but using the 2.5G network, micro blogging, social networking did not exist a big problem.
Experts –optimistic about the 2G mobile phone development space
According to iSuppli’s research data show that, in 2012, the global smart phone market space is about 675 million. iSuppli research director ,Wang said, there is still much room for growth on a global scale, the 2.5G market. In his view, to 2016, 2.5G smartphone still occupy a quarter of the market share of global smart phone.
Wang said that although the 3G coverage of the world’s major markets has more than 10%, but in the emerging market countries, including Mainland China, 2.5G smart phones in the coming years is still a big market space. 2.5G smartphone with its low price, low threshold and good global 2.5G network coverage, a key factor to support the 2.5G smartphone still has room to grow in the coming years.
Yang Qun, chief analyst at Warring States revealed that far, the Ministry of Industry has issued more than 1500 mobile phone licenses, but less than 200 mobile phone brands in the mobile phone market is also “alive”, and the other 1300 mobile phone brands are basically at the death “or” dormant “state. Therefore, 2.5G smartphone is undoubtedly allow more than 1,300 mobile phone manufacturers to regain living space and the direction of development.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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