Low-end Senior Phone KK 138

Low-end Senior Phone 138

Product Name: Low-end Senior Phone KK 138
Product ID: KK 138
MOQ: 1000pcs
Product Introduce: one sim, Senior phone. CE RoHS

China Mobile Phone Specification:
Low-end Senior Phone 138 is hot sell in Europe countries

Key Specification about Low-end Senior Phone KK 138:
Senior phone
MP3 players
FM radio
Display: 1.77 inch white&black screen
Operation frequency: two-band 900/1800mHz

More Information about Low-end Senior Phone KK 138:
Frequency: GSM 900,1800 or GSM850/1900
Type: one sim card (support:dual sim card)
LCD: 1.77 inch white&black screen
Mp3: support
FM: Support FM
Torch : Support
Platform: MTK6223D
T-Flash card: support T-flash card,Maximum 2 G
accessories: one battery /one charger/one earphone/ packing
Speaker: 18×26
Built -in Memory: 64+32
Size: 117.57*53.88*13.6
Battery: 1400mAh
Standby time: 3-7 days
Light: Flash Light.
SOS : the old people if lost the way don’t know how to dial the phone number so only push the SOS key board and the phone will auto send the message and then call the the family phone number .befor we set in the phone add the number. Befor the family people answer the phone will recurrence to call the family phone number if you can get the loal mobile telecome GPS tracking SP we can free add in our phone so that phone will more one GPS tracking function .(the message will show more the detail : show where is the user and longitude&lagitude detail)
More functions: SOS, STK,WAP,SMS,
Language: Chinese, English,Frangais,Espanol,Polish,Poitugues,Italiano,Deutsch,Dutch,Swedish

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