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Apple Tablet PC market, “an independent” of the situation will probably be broken. The global mobile advertising network Jump-tap a recently released data show that the Tablet PC traffic in January this year, the United States, 33% of the flows in the Kindle Fire, the other 48% of the traffic generated at the Apple iPad. Only three months ago, the iPad traffic accounted for 75% of the total flow of the Tablet PC.

Why Apple in the U.S. market position, “Camp” will be challenged? Analysts believe the Kindle Fire Relative Apple iPad lower prices, more compact and convenient 7-inch screen, a free cloud storage, and more content providers are to promote in the short term, the major U.S. domestic market research firm Research Consulting Tablet PC, one of the important factors. With other low-cost tablet PCs to market, the 2012 competition in the Tablet PC market will be more intense

With the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, Kindle owners with Amazon Prime can read up to a book a month for free, including all 7 Harry Potter books (coming June 19)

Kindle PK ipad

Kindle PK ipad

Borrow Great Books for Free
Choose from over 145,000 books to borrow for free, including all 7 Harry Potter books in 5 languages (coming June 19), over 100 current and former New York Times Best Sellers, and thousands of Amazon exclusives. New titles are added daily
No Waiting
Traditional libraries buy a certain number of copies of a specific title. If all of those are checked out, you have to get on a waiting list where the wait can be months for popular titles like Harry Potter. With the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, there are no limits on how many people can simultaneously borrow the same title – so you never have to wait in line for the book you want
No Due Dates
Keep your borrowed book as long as you like. With Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, there are no due dates or late fees.

Advantages for kindle:
Most Advanced E Ink Display
Read in Bright Sunlight
Lighter, More Compact Than Ever
Holds 1,400 Books
One Month Battery Life
Books in 60 seconds
Built-In Wi-Fi
Simple to Use
Adjustable Text Sizes
Faster Page Turns
PDF and Personal Documents
Massive Selection
Low Book Prices
Free, Out-of-Copyright Books
Free Book Samples

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