It is said that Google launched the Nexus 7 Tablet PC this week


June 26, according to foreign media reports, news that Google will be announced this week at the I / O conference a flagship flat-panel products. Subsection tablet running Android Jelly Bean (soft heart beans) system with 7 inch touch screen and the Tegra processor. Product as early as the first in Australia in July this year.

Gizmodo Australia website today revealed the news. The message also noted that Google’s new tablet product is 7 inches Nexus 7. The Tablet PC from ASUS OEM, built-in processor 1.3GHz four nuclear the Tegra 3, in addition with a GeForce 12-core GPU display processor and 1GB of memory. The tablet has 8GB storage capacity and 16GB storage capacity in two versions, the former is priced at $ 199, which sells for $ 249.
GOOGLE NEXUS 7 tablet pc
Nexus tablet will run Android Jelly bean system, while also providing the NFC (near-field transmission technology) and the Google wallet (possibly only for the U.S. market). Tablet PC screen IPS display, the viewing angle of 178 degrees with a resolution of 1280×800. In addition, the device also provides a pre-1.2 million-pixel camera, the battery life of 9 hours.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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