iPhone Launched in South Korea

The South Korean announcement comes about a month after Apple struck a deal to sell the iPhone in China through the carrier China Unicom. On Saturday, South Korean consumers will finally be able to get their hands on an Apple iPhone – more than two years after the top-selling smart phone launched in the United States.

For years, strict regulatory barriers kept Apple from bringing the iPhone to South Korea. The country is widely known to use regulatory means to protect its cell phone market, and this has played a strong role in homegrown Samsung and LG Electronics becoming the second- and third-largest handset makers in the world, respectively. Roughly 93% of the population has a mobile phone subscription, and these users are known for their heavy usage of mobile data and applications. But a much-lauded September ruling from the Korea Communications Commission helped open up the cell phone market. In South Korea, the iPhone will be powered by KT Corp., a local wireless provider.

Things turn differently in both countries. The iPhone was not greeted especially warmly in China. The According to Reuters, China Unicom has signed up only 5,000 iPhone subscribers in the week after the launch, which was well below most optimistic estimates. According to the Associated Press, more than 53,000 advance orders have already been placed by Korean consumers. It abosolutely will cause more competition in Korea with Samsung and LG advanced smart phones.

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