iOS6 Beta leaked iStore / Maps feature updates


Apple’s upcoming iOS What new features? The recent period of foreign outflow of video gave us the answer, the mysterious figure in the video using the iPod Touch, try the iOS 6, to show us iOS 6 version, the current beta version is the Build 10B24, and always show us iOS 6 new features.

First the iPod Touch get the support of Siri, which is the iPod Touch in the hands of the presenter, if they would support The official version is not good to say, but gave hope to the iPod Touch users, At the same time the iPad users may also use Siri in the iOS 6.

the iOS 6 beta version number

Secondly,Ios6 integrated the iTunes Store and App Store for iStore, new user interface use label to distinguish the iTunes Store and App Store, but this should be no function for users in China, and users in China still can not purchase the music in the iTunes Storemusic.

iPod Touch Siri

Prior to the new map has been passed on will become a reality in the iOS 6, the iOS 6 will no longer use Google Maps, instead of using a new 3D map.

iOS 6 iStore

Home key to bring up the Program Manager is also the iOS occurred a change in the way to change the horizontal screen bring up the Program Manager, Program Manager in the horizontal screen is still transferred out from the bottom of the presenter only Safari transversely screen tonethe management interface of the program did not mention, as to the application of horizontal screen.

iPod Touch Siri

The search function in the iOS 6 become more intelligent than before, allowing search within the application, such as 1 +1 in the search box, search results will automatically appear the results of the calculator.

iOS 6 Map

In the new application, iOS added the dictionary.
This is the disclosure of the entire contents of the video to show us and explain, What the video demonstrates used is the iPod Touch, perhaps on the iPhone and the iPad, the iOS 6 there will be other new features.
iOS 6 horizontal taskbar

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