IDC: WinPhone market share in 2016, more than iOS


IDC released on the Wednesday a forecast report, the result a lot of people surprise, the report shows the next period of time, Windows Phone devices in the market share of the global smartphone market will exceed the BlackBerry, and in 2016 more than the Apple iOS platform has become the second most popular smartphone platform, behind the Android platform.

Windows Phone devices is very slow start in the first quarter 2012 market share of only 2.2%, 9.7% of BlackBerry iOS market share up to 23%, but the IDC report predicts Windows Phone devices will in the next four years a huge increase in total global market share of Windows Phone devices will be increased from the current 5.2% in 2016 to 19.2%, iOS there will not be much variation in the total market share is expected to decline from 20.5% to 19% Android’s market share will also be a dominant, but will be downloaded from the current 61 percent to 52.9 percent.

 What reason will make Windows Phone can be completed within four years more than the iOS, ranked second the throne? IDC analyst Ramon Llamas explained, Nokia joined the Windows Phone camps, is one important reason, Windows Phone, Nokia has invested heavily, as well as a strong role in the emerging markets, Nokia Windows Phone devices can then Asia, Latin America and Africa and other emerging markets have a tremendous appeal to increase the sales of Windows Phone devices, and iOS do not have much advantage in these areas.

  Another important reason is that the price advantage of the Windows Phone, we all know, Apple iOS devices often have excessive pricing, which resulted in some price-sensitive areas such as the African iOS devices will not have a strong appeal. Windows Phone devices market positioning is more evenly, you can appeal to different levels of consumption. The same price you would choose this year’s Windows Phone device or to vote for last year’s iOS device?
Another reason is the support of Windows and network operators, to Microsoft in the PC market, has an irreplaceable role in more than 84% of computers running the Windows system, the upcoming release of Windows 8 and Windows Phone eight indispensable link in the operation, which will have Windows Phone devices have an enormous impact. In addition, the network operator vigorously support its rapid growth is also an important booster of Windows Phone devices.
However, the above three reasons in general are far-fetched, can achieve the needed time to prove that smart phone market, but all things are possible places, we can only wish Microsoft and Nokia all the way good luck, at least, The next time Nelson released the market share of the investigation report, I hope Windows Phone Do not be classified as “Others” which went to.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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