IDC: Samsung Apple Q2 sales of smartphones ultra-half


Tencent digital hearing (sunflower Uncle) IDC provides a copy of the latest data show that the global smart phone shipments in the second quarter of 2012 to a new level, reaching 406 million units, an increase of 42%. And in this one, outperformed the market with two companies, Samsung and Apple, which has no doubt, compared to the first quarter of iPhone sales decline, but Apple is clearly not afraid of the sales decline, in accordance with each year a mobile phone the introduction of the law, perhaps the decline in the second quarter will herald the new iPhone gap in the market on this open.

Samsung’s performance is very good in the second quarter smart phone sales over 50 million, which is almost twice that of the iPhone, Samsung has created a new quarterly sales record, which GALAXY S III sales reached 10 million.
It is worth mentioning is that Nokia, Nokia reported a Lumia series phones to sell more than the first quarter doubled, but due to the dismal sales of Symbian and Meego, Nokia’s market share continued to decline, apparently Windows Phone system and did not give Nokia the performance brought about a significant upgrade, perhaps this situation to the the WP8 times will it be possible to improve.
HTC warming trend has been stabilized, although still far from the TOP 3, but compared to the first quarter, HTC has been a slight improvement. By virtue of the performance of low-end market, ZTE continued to occupy the fifth of the global smart phone sales, thanks to the huge market demand of China and North America in the low-end smart phones.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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