HTC will launch Tizen smart phone


Tizen operating system is a mobile operating system launched by Samsung and Intel, theprior Developers Conference in San Francisco, a prototype equipped with Tizen debut, let the system have a preliminary understanding. Today, the news from foreign media,HTC and other manufacturers will be launched in the second half of this year, mobile devices the Tizen system.

According to foreign media reports, the second half of this year will be a variety of published based on Tizen operating system smart phone and notebook computer, which includes mobile devices from HTC, but HTC has begun planning based on Tizen operating system project, is expected to become first Tizen equipment manufacturers. In addition, Asus, Acer will also launch a netbook based Tizen.
HTC Tizen smart phone
Before the appearance of Tizen prototype

From before the debut of the prototype view Tizen, Tizen system can be used for touch-screen device, very similar to the interface with Samsung’s TouchWiz, support the drop-down notification bar and built-daily applications of Facebook, Twitter and Gmail, has been able to basically meet the daily needs of the user. I believe that with the addition of more mobile phones and IT vendors, Tizen system will be more perfect
This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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