HTC said the short term is not involved in the low-end products will expand into emerging markets


Said the message of June 15, HTC president Ren Weiguang, today accepted an interview with ZDNet, the HTC will not get involved in low-end products in the short term, will continue to focus on high-end smart phones.

The same day, HTC announced the launch of China Telecom’s 3G network, the HTC One, the XC, and began to officially go on sale in the domestic market, the bare metal retail price of 5399 yuan.
One, the XC, HTC is the HTC One series of products, HTC is also the co-operation with China Telecom to launch a high-end smart phones. Equipped with the Android 4.0 operating system in the configuration, HTC One, the XC HTC Sense4, equipped with 4.7-inch high-definition touch screen, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 8 million +130 million pixel camera, 16GB memory +1 GB of RAM, support for CDMA / GSM dual-network dual standby.
Ren Weiguang stressed that HTC will follow Chairman Cher Wang, CEO of Peter Chou, the company’s product positioning and continue to walk the fine line of products will cover thousands of intelligent machines in less than two thousand dollars, mid-priced smart phones, high-end flagship smartphone.
“For any one cell phone manufacturers, boutique phone are to continue to survive and develop the foundation.” Ren Weiguang said in the short term, the HTC will not get involved in the low-end products will continue to be high-end intelligent machines.
Continue to focus on high-end smart phone, the HTC from the beginning of the year adjusting their development strategies, plans to sell the target market to expand into emerging markets.
According to Ren Weiguang, the U.S. and European markets accounted for in the the HTC overall sales, but this year, HTC will focus on expanding in emerging markets including China, to further expand in Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific region and other key sales regions.
“In terms of channel sales, HTC will continue to take a two-pronged strategy, both carrier channels and open channels.” Ren Weiguang introduced in the domestic market, HTC cell phone 70% of the volume of through social channels, 30% through the carrier channels ; while the opposite situation in the overseas markets, 70 percent go social channels, 30% go to channel operators
This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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