Google will launch a 7-inch tablet PC in July


According to reports, this section 7 inches android Tablet PC will be held in July to market .its first shipments will be 60 million units, and to begin shipping in June, the Chinese computer manufacturer Asus is expected to become the manufacturer of the device.

Senior analyst at the NPD Display Search, Richard Sim Richard Shim, had previously said that Google 7-inch Tablet PC has been in production, shipping in June means that the first products produced in April.

google 7inch tablet PC
Asus Eee Pad MeMO 370T May be the prototype of this section tablet. On display at CES.

It is reported that the 2012 Google 7-inch tablet total output will reach 200 million units, consistent with the NPD to Display Search had expected.
At present, the tablet has not been disclosed, but market speculation is Andrews 4.0system and four-core processor.
If google 7-inch Tablet PC into mass production, the rumors of 7.85 inches Apple iPad Min Tablet PC is also available, will increase the types of small-screen tablet PC.
Amazon is also a 7-inch tablet PC market makers, Samsung recently began selling its 7-inch of the Galaxy Tab 2 tablet PCs.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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