Google tablet reduce the price, domestic cottage flat face delisting tide


Last week, Google Nexus7 listed 7 inches Tablet PC, its powerful configuration behind the $ 199 ultra-low pricing, making Nexus7 become the biggest topic of the recent Tablet PC. However, making the market more expection is that the 10 inches Google version of Tablet PC Nexus10 is also about the market. If the Nexus7 mainly object to the Amazon KindleFire.then, upcoming Nexus10, will be directed at the Apple iPad.

Insiders pointed out that, although price of Nexus10 is not clear, but according to the pricing ideas of Nexus7, Nexus10 pricing will not be more than 250 U.S. dollars. That time, the impact is not just Apple and Samsung high-priced brand, the cottage Tablet PC industry will be a major shock.
Google tablet reduce the price sell as 199USD
The Google Nexus10 upcoming
Listing of nexus7, making the market looking forward to more Nexus10. Recently, the Taiwan foundry industry sources, Google and Asus teamed up to launch a the called Nexus10 10-inch flat-panel computer to challenge Apple’s iPad.
Taiwan’s “The Times quoted an informed source as saying that Wintek has been supplied to the Google 500,000 10-inch touch panel. The otherwise Informed sources said that Google will win Chinese technology and AUO at the procurement panel, producing 10 inches Nexus Tablet PC, the name may Nexus10.
Clearly, the after in Nexus7, Google’s Tablet PC combination punches Nexus10 will certainly be available in the short term. However, the release time of Nexus10, Google has no an accurate statement. The foreign media reported that Google will let Nexus10 debut after achieving some success in Nexus7 Tablet PC, to ensure that the tablet strategy can be successful.
Google did not give a clear statement to Nexus7 expected shipments. However, the message from the Taiwan foundry industry, Google is ready for Nexus7 1.5 million units in preparation. Google the first shipment will be about 500,000 units will emit up to one million units of products. On this basis, let Nexus10 listed.
domestic cottage flat face delisting tide
Listing of the Nexus family of products, not only the KindleFire and Apple iPad will have an impact, but also bring a greater impact on the price to win the Shenzhen cottage Tablet PC, making the cottage flat delisting tide.
Cottage flat practitioners who requested anonymity, said the biggest advantage of the cottage flat is cheap, and many manufacturers also made brand, but powerless. If the giants take low-cost strategy, the introduction of the lowest-quality flat products, cottage flat market space will be further compressed. “We all feel that cottage flat sooner or later to embark on the plight of the cottage phone, but no way, want to take advantage of the current market can fishing a quick kill.”
Well-known IT commentator Jia Jinghua said that cottage Tablet PC quality is the poor. To achieve the same quality as the iPad or Lenovo Le Pad, and excellent procurement channels, can only survive in the cracks, this is a very awkward position. “Cottage flat, bleak future, on the one hand, Apple is preparing to launch iPadmini great impact on price; the other hand, Google tablet Nexus7, the same of the cottage is a very strong impact.”
General Manager of Shenzhen Fu Ying Technology Co., Ltd. completed the force admitted that cottage Tablet PC competition is quite intense, would have been thousands of companies in Shenzhen, died in June and July last year and the end of a large, can survive all kind of not easy.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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