Google Nexus quickly became popular the Amazon outdone push tablet


In the Tablet PC market, Google launched the Nexus 7 can be described as the best in the limelight in the recent period on the Nexus 7 anti-fall water resistance victory over the iPad video out, it is the fame. IPad is not updated, we would expect on the Amazon who hope to launch the new generation Kindle Fire (parameter picture article) and the Nexus 7 to compete

Amazon’s Kindle Fire
However, Amazon’s ambition in the. The United States retailer Staples ( Staples ) President Demos Parneros said, Amazon will launch 5 to 6 new plate products. It is reported, this product will be more size selection, which has a size of 10 inches. In addition, Amazon has announced plans to set up a research and development centre in London, focusing on TV, hosting, intelligent mobile phone, PC service and application development, I hope they are extended to the global market.

Kindle Fire on Amazon’s E-book store
Since the Amazon in September last year since the Kindle Fire tablet computer, its application in the digital business steadily increased, let a taste of his own product launch. And with Amason in electronics shops to occupy the market, the development of mobile equipment in the field, will give Apple and Google bring not little pressure. However, because of its long focused on digital products, Amazon to mobile devices in the market stand firm foot, is also the first to find a good hardware manufacturers.
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