Google Nexus One trademark being refused

The US Trademark Office has issued a note of refusal to Google for Nexus One . In 2008, a company named Integra Communications filed for a “Nexus” trademark having something to do with voice and data telecommunications. Along comes Google a year later and files for “Nexus One.”

Even though Google attempted to trademark the only phone with Nexus in its name, the Trademark Office found there is potential for confusing consumers. The two would co-exist in a similar trade channel, it said.

Google does have six months to appeal the refusal and present evidence to validate its claims to the name. In the meantime, it can continue to use the name unless Integra sues it for infringement. If it comes to this, Google is likely to reach some form of settlement with the company rather than change the name of its headline-grabbing handset.

This news is from China electronics manufacturer.

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