Fragmentation of the Android platform: application of multi-terminal adapter in three stages


Android fragmentation problem really bothers a lot of application developers, Animoca application developers in Hong Kong, its application has been 70 million downloads, the best performance in order to let the application, they purchased a 400 variety of android mobile phones quality testing of the application.

The following Photo is the family portrait of Animoca used to test the Android device. Animoca parent company Outblaze CEO Yat Siu, said they have been detected on the network a variety of 600 different Android devices, To make matters worse, there is a big part of the equipment can not be bought in the market.
Android platform
Android system was developed by Google, was provided to the global mobile phone and tablet computer makers for free with opening source software. outside vendors are free to modify the custom, which leads the version of the android system in the market extremely messy, lack of unified management also led to a large number of malicious application draw user call fee on the android platform. But face the fragmentation of the android platform which the industry have long complained, Google does not seem to find possible solutions.
Sources of fragmentation of the Android platform – terminal problem
For terminal manufacturers and developers, version upgrades and adaptation testing is very complicated, complex, and needs to be done a lot of software development, testing,adaptation and certification.
Android platform
Google will put open-source to the Android Open Source Project Library, the entire update process can begin, which usually have only when the Google push the new experience equipment,Original equipment manufacturers must obtain the code, and integrated into the internal code tree, at this time, this work considered the beginning.Next, you generally have to face three stages:
Phase I: to optimize the hardware abstraction layer (HAL)
The hardware abstraction layer is the basis of the Android software layer, so that it can make the software access to hardware devices. In order to meet the Android4.0 system,Google uses a TI OMAP as a based development platform of operating system, which made many manufacturers have to update their HAL, because what they use are not the the TI OMAP-based hardware solutions, or Qualcomm, Samsung , MediaTek, ROCKCHIP. But The same is not as a development platform based on TI hardware, are not the same degree of difficulty of the vendors upgrade, coupled with a large number of product models, shape, screen size and specifications vary greatly, HAL will need fine-tuning for each device.

Phase II: Android custom modified
Terminal manufacturers started to do custom modifications on the Android in order to satisfy the need of their own operators and other partners.They do patches, custom interface and some other miscellaneous changes and the resulting system ROM test. All the original equipment manufacturer must customize the Android platform to conduct internal testing,network testing, built-in application testing, and other sectors.
Phase III: network deployment
Depending on the equipment and operators, the updates of network deployment will be different. Manufacturers tend to test team test to find loopholes, and then released updates to the tens of thousands of ordinary users. This is the so-called immersion test.The manufacturer may have dozens of test equipment, but they can not test every possible software and setting combinations. By soaking test, before the update was released to avoid BUG outflow into the hands of users. If everything goes well, this update can be published.
Hazards of fragmentation of the Android platform – Application Adapter status quo
With the rapid development and popularity of the Android terminal, the terminal adapter lead to more and more App App application can not be installed, the program crashes unexpectedly terminated more and more problems plaguing the majority of users, terminal manufacturers have been the most complaints to a class of problems, bad word of mouth makes it even more intense terminal market competition worse. A large number of terminal manufacturers, on the other hand, low-cost, low profile Android terminal, to the unusually rapid trend to cover the second and third tier cities, the Central Asian and African countries, the market, making the App applications and terminals do not fit the rapid internationalization. The Testin data show that, independent third-party testing agency, the Chinese mainstream applications App on the Android system adaptation rate of less than 70%. At the same time, nearly half of the application is seriously flawed, mainly reflected in the unable to install flash back, when clicked, start-up time long, the UI dislocation, running instability, conflict with other applications.
Google’s official electronic market can test and solve the application adaptation to some extent,but based on the domestic network environment and chaotic market environment, the average user is still visible, and less than.

An important problem in mobile development is the application development process,you must use your phone a real environment for testing, be possible to enter thecommercial. Due to the differences between the different mobile operating system, as well as the operating system version, the real machine test this process is particularly complex, involving the terminal, personnel, tools, time management issues. All the mobile Internet applications, testing is an essential part of an application, and the need forrepeat testing to ensure stability under a variety of usage scenarios, global mobileInternet most of the application tests are performed manually by people, few flexibility ofenterprise-class solutions is poor, expensive (state-owned enterprises dedicated, small and medium-sized developers who look at the line).
Enterprise application adapter solution
The general large-scale enterprises often choose like enterprise applications such asHP Business Process Testing and HP Business Process Testing software supports the creation of the actual module, reusable test cases to help determine the best solution ofthe automated testing. It accurately covers the functional business processes, business analysts and adjust the test to provide a no scripting mechanism, at the same time,support for test engineers to focus on the automation subsystem. HP Business Process Testing software does not require you to create and maintain custom framework. But in fact, such a positioning of the enterprise-class applications, the high cost of HP’s services, not all small and medium-sized developers can afford.
For personal use adapter solutions
Domestic developers, most of them will buy a test machine to test, but few developers can introduce to the beginning of this article as to buy the 400 variety of mobile phones on the application of quality testing. The cost of time or money costs far beyond the affordability of the small and medium-sized developers.
Testin is a global Internet developers and operators of enterprises to provide 7x24automatic real machine App test the SaaS platform for the majority of mobile Appdevelopers to provide free testing services, the establishment of global App developers App cloud test platform,to help countries to move App developers can always chooseglobal or market-specific models targeted compatible adapter test terminals, the App.More important, it’s free in.
The Testin platform interoperability:
As shown:
Developers submit the App to the Testin, The Testin platform based on mission requirements can be in any location around the world, networks, terminals, automatic testApp, and then the test results can be delivered to the developer. Developers will get a report on the application of adaptation data, at the same time, Testin also provides an automatic script testing services, developers can customize the script, let the applicationrun in the the Testin true on the way to set yourself to test the operability and stability of the application.
“Commercial value” client test, for example:
1: Upload App Testin cloud models need to be tested.
2: Testin distribution in the environment around the country a real machine automatically installed to run the App, and record every aspect of screenshots and generate log log.
3: after a real machine to run automatically,the completion data reports will be generated for developers to download to view data reports, including the application of theaptation rate, the main error of the application adapter link.

The Testin platform security:
1) all submitted the Testin test platform App test user can customize the report to show or not;
2) submit to the Testin testing App will be the way of the black-box testing does not involve code;
3) There is Testin launched a Itest test client user to record a test script, simply add thescript to submit the test platform can be completely involved in the application packet;
4) submitted to the the Testin test platform the App data package will have aconfidentiality agreement;
Testin exceeded a million times in the last week the number of application testing, is theworld’s tens of thousands of developers to provide free testing services.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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