Ex-Googler Lee sees Apple tablet debut in January

Kaifu Lee, the Ex president of Google China , who also ever worked for Apple, revealed some information about the Apple tablet today through a Twitter alike microblog launched by Chinese news portal Sina.com.cn and his account on this microblog was verified. Lee said in a post on a Chinese microblog service that cited information from a source he described as a knowledgeable friend.

According to what he said, the Apple tablet just looked like a bigger iPhone, with a 10.1-inch multi-touch screen, and awesome user interface, and it combines the functions of a netbook and a kindle, coming with 3D technology, virtual keyboard,video conferencing, e-reader, netbook features. The Apple tablet would sell at a price of less than one thousand dollars, and “Most surprising: Apple predicts production of nearly 10 million [units] in the first year!”

Although there’s nothing particularly new about any of this information, the comments from Lee, who worked for Apple over a decade ago and left Google this year, add to a sea of rumours about a possible ultrathin Apple tablet combining e-reader and web-surfing functions.
Speculation about the device has redoubled since a blog post by the Financial Times last week cited unnamed sources saying Apple is expected to make a major product announcement at an event in San Francisco on January 26.
After leaving Google in this September, Kaifu Lee launched his own startup Innovation Works, whose investors included Terry Guo, the president of Foxconn. Definitely Kaifu Lee has a good connection with Foxconn, who is rumored to assemble the Apple Tablet. So his words about the Apple Tablet might be believable.
This news is from China electronics manufacturer.

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