dual GSM mobile phone KK N5

Product Name: dual GSM mobile phone KK N5
Product ID: KK N5
MOQ: 100pcs
Product Introduce: dual sim dual standby, camera

China Mobile Phone Specification:
nice price dual gsm mobile phone can sell quickly in the market

dual sim card phone dual standby mobile from China electronics.

Structure configuration:
Phone structure type: ●straight board □fold □slide □other
Size: 118×58×15mm
Antenna: ●built-in □external
side key: □yes ●No
Earphone: ●left side □right side □other
sling hole: □yes ●No
cameral guard: ●yes □No
total weight: about 115g

Mother board,support standard configuration:
Hardware platform:MTK6225
support frequency band PAL/NTSC: □850MHz ●900MHz ●1800Mhz □1900MHz
GPRS : ●yes □No

Cameral module:
Location: back cover
cameral slide cover induction □yes ●No
Pixels: ●30 0.3 mega □130 1.3 mega □200 2.0m mega
Type: CMOS
zooming/multiple::: ●yes □No
flashing light □yes ●No

earphone stereo: ●yes □No
Ring: □32 32 chord ●64 64 chord
hands free: ●yes □No
double loudhailer: ●yes □No

norFlash: 128Mb Flash + 32Mb PSRAM

NAND-FLASH: □64M bits □128M bits
memory card: ●T-FLASH □MinSD □ other
U-disk: ●yes □No
infrared ray : □yes ●No
bluetooth: ●yes □No

MP3 MP3 Play: ●yes □No
MPEG4 MPEG4 Play: ●yes □No
MPEG4 MPEG4 recording: ●yes □No
FM: ●yes □No optional
sound recording: ●yes □No

LCM module design
main screen shape/color/type: □2.0〞 □2.2〞 □2.4〞●2.8〞 ●QCIF
main screen resolution ratio:
□176×220 ●320×240 □640×480
sub-screen shape/color/type: □yes ●No
sub-screen resolution ratio: □yes ●No
touch screen/handwriting: ●yes □No

Software function configuration:
Standard function configuration:
GPRS: ●yes □No
WAP: ●yes □No
STK: ●yes □No
power on/off cartoon: ●yes □No
Games: □two ●three □four □other
(MMS): ●yes □No
Calendar: ●yes □No
world time: ●yes □No
key lock: ●yes □No
record message in phone: 200
message out by groups: ●yes □No
call record delete all: ●yes □No
call record delete separately: ●yes □No
power on clocking: ●yes □No
power off clocking: ●yes □No
Alarm: ●yes □No
phonebook capacity: 300
sounds format: □WAV □MP3 □AMR ●MID □AAC
picture format: ●BMP □GEPG □PNG ●GIF □JPG
sounds and picture download: ●yes □No

optional configuration:
incoming call with screen name: ●yes □No
Notepad: ●yes □No
MP3 MP3 play: ●yes □No
MP3 MP3 play showing lyrics: □yes ●No
MPEG4 MPEG4 play/record: ●yes □No
handwriting input: ●yes □No
software keyboard entry: □yes ●No
Call in number talking: □yes ●No
voice menu: □yes ●No
voice dial: □yes ●No
message firewall: ●yes □No
call in firewall: ●yes □No
chat room: ●yes □No
Sound recording: ●yes □No
Java: □yes ●No
text reader: □yes ●No
E-dictionary: □yes ●No
Email: □yes ●No
Value added service: □yes ●No
custom-tailor: □yes ●No

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