China Mobile TD-LTE is expected to global landing clear deployment plan of the multi-country


2G start times, China’s telecommunications equipment purchased from abroad, “seven, eight” system flooded the engine room; the 3G era, China launched the independent innovative TD-SCDMA, but eventually did not go abroad; 4G era, led by China’s TD-LTE is expected to the world flowering.

The achievement of this goal, China’s telecommunications industry will be completed across from the “follow”, “breakthrough” to “lead”.
China Mobile Vice President Li Zhengmao said in an interview in 2011, Saudi Arabia and Japan launched TD-LTE commercial network. June 2012, has nine countries, including Japan, Brazil, Sweden, the UK opening of TD-LTE network commercially available, while 16 countries have announced specific plans, the world has opened TD-LTE trial network 36 .
Buses in Hangzhou, China, the user data card of the hands of the Internet the highest rate per second 80M, which means that download 1G of video only ten seconds, far faster than the commonly used family of 2M or 4M fixed broadband . China Mobile’s TD-LTE test a user-friendly, including Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen, Nanjing and other places.
Li Zhengmao introduction, that the as a the of TD-SCDMA follow-up the evolution of technology, TD-LTE compared to the advantages of LTEFDD of the is obvious: the the the global FDD spectrum resources have been In view of scarce, while the TDD spectrum resources there are still be surplus, the the’s TD-LTE use TDD frequency be able to more fully, more efficient use of spectrum resources.
To experts, international carriers in 2012 to 2013 to focus on the selection and deployment of broadband technology, TD-LTE fight for international operators to select the next two years is the most critical.
This year, Chinese officials have repeatedly said that to speed up the deployment of TD-LTE’s. Minister of Industry and Miao Wei said that support TD-LTE place in the world. Emerging industries of strategic planning for the national level will also be the TD-LTE as the next-generation communications networks to support it.
Unlike the situation in the development of TD-SCDMA, TD-LTE industry chain has attracted the participation of more international manufacturers, including Qualcomm, Samsung, Ericsson, Nokia Siemens, Infineon, and even Apple Superbrands, but also intended to be prepared in TD-LTE. The involvement of the international manufacturers, is conducive to the development of the globalization of the TD-LTE.
More importantly, the TD-LTE behind standing with Huawei, ZTE, Spreadtrum, many domestic enterprises. 17 chip manufacturers, Chinese enterprises accounted for 9, 10 system manufacturers, Chinese enterprises accounted for 7. Chinese manufacturers, TD-LTE data card has been a number of international carriers use.
Zhengmao said, in May 2012, organized by China Mobile vendors in six cities the size tests have shown that basically mature industry chain is expected to the end of this year, the base station will be over 30,000. 2013, TD-LTE expanded scale tests are successful, smooth upgrade through new and TD-SCDMA base station scale to more than 200,000.
To the global promotion of TD-LTE, China Mobile 6 other countries telecom operators to set up global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) in just one year on the development of 48 members of the international carriers, which in China communication unprecedented in the history.
Zhengmao said GTI goal is to reach 500,000 by 2014, so that the global TD-LTE base station, the terminal more than 100 models, covering a population of over 2 billion.
Since China Mobile has more than 630 million users, global equipment manufacturers can not help but look at China Mobile “face” to act the GTI target could be achieved, the Chinese mobile technology is essential to choose.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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