Children Mobile Phone

Product Name: Children Mobile Phone
Product ID: KK
MOQ: 100pcs
Product Introduce: children mobile phone

Product Specification:

1)frequencies band :GSM 900/1800/or GSM 850/1900

2)screen is 0.8

3) straight board

4) one battery

5) USB

6) Long-distance control

7) Sound monitor

8 ) Location Track

9) Low Radiation

10)Smart Emergency call

11)one key call
12) 5 colors: pink, green, yellow, silver, white

1,It is Suitable for low-grade and kindergarten children to use:
It is compact, colorful and cartoons appearance, easy to operate, designed specifically for children

2,Children positioning function: it can be set for 9 persons to monitor a child ‘s day-to-day activities in the region, it is quite convenient for parents to keep track of their children and look after children .

3,Remote monitoring function: you can easily understand child’s status. Of course, you can secretly monitor whether children is watching TV, crying or play games in the game Office.

4,Radiation function : the hands-free talking, alarm lights ,low radiation circuit are available for minimizing the potential hurts from radiation.

5,The functions of limiting talk time: may limit children’ talking time each time in additional to the special 4 phone number, to prevent the children from much more talking time and to avoid high rates of phone bill.

6,Disabled in class time: parents can set the time of calling and caller ‘s phone number via certain function, and no need to worry about any bothering from a call and text message when children are studying in classroom, meanwhile, the calling will not be missed if the caller’s number would be not disabled set as default.

7,Super-short message filtering: children to stay away from spam, fraud, bad calls and text messages, and parents can only be designated by the “legal” crowd Compact of Free Association; parents did not set the number of hair coming into the phone and text messages

8,To make a call by any one key: child anywhere will be able to contact each of their most important families by press any one key if the key would be set as default.

9,Game features: Parents can control of the game,if a certain period of time would exceed, the game would be forced to stop to remind children to protect their eyes a rest.

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