Challenge SLR-Apple is developing interchangeable lenses iPhone


U.S. Patent & Trademark Office announced Thursday an Apple application called “with a different lens, the portable electronic device backplane” patent, the patent describes a camera in the upper left corner is similar to the iPhone device, the device allows the user to replace the lens of different functions.

Apple patent describes that the increasingly high quality digital photos taken out by a small device, the user wants to get on the high-end digital camera functions, the need for equipment with a powerful lens, filters, optical zoom and anti-shake function. IPhone and other devices equipped with a highly integrated digital imaging systems, unable to replace the lens, in addition to the iPhone is not equipped with the base of the additional lens.
Apple is developing interchangeable lenses iPhone
Apple’s proposed solution is a digital imaging subsystem of the optical axis of the lens device, this device backplane can be removed and can be equipped with different lens.
Under normal circumstances, the iPhone’s camera system will include a near-infrared filter to prevent the infrared light reaching the image sensor and distort the picture color.Apple’s system will include a removable panel on the infrared cut filter to capture black and white images in very low light levels. The same time, the user can think that the iPhone comes with a macro lens, and capture a more accurate picture.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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