CDMA450 cell phone K1100


CDMA450 cell phone K1100

Product Name: CDMA450 cell phone K1100
Product ID: K1100
MOQ: 5000pcs for OEM
Product Introduce: CDMA 450mhz
QSC1110,torch,1.44 inch LCD,

China Mobile Phone Specification:
CDMA450 cell phone K1100 can work well and sell well in Russia, Myanmar, Mongolia, Nigeria,India, Indonesia, Yemen, Iraq, Nigerial, Ecuador

Key Specification about CDMA450 cell phone K1100:
CDMA mobile phone
Display: 1.44″ LCD
Operation frequency: 450mhz CDMA

More Information about CDMA450 cell phone K1100:
◇ Band: CDMA 450MHz. just band C which work in South Africa
◇ RUIM: Yes
◇ Data: No
◇ Charger Desktop: No
◇ FM: No
◇ Torch: Yes
◇ LCM: 1.44″CSTN, support 1.37′
◇ Flash: 64+32Mbit, sumsung
◇Battery: 1000mAh
◇Power/Data Cable: 10 Pin Mini USB
◇ headset: 10 PIN USB not included in package
◇ Type: Bar
◇ Size(mm): 101*43*15.3mm
◇ LCM LED: white
◇ RUIM Card: Yes
◇ CPU: QSC1100
◇ Languages: English
◇ Phone book: 200+UIM
◇ SMS: 100
◇ Ringer tone format: midi 32 tone
◇ Ringtone: 10
◇ Vibration: support

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