CDMA modem KK 8800

Product Name: CDMA modem KK 8800
Product ID: KK
MOQ: 500pcs
Product Introduce: device designed for data transmission
via CDMA Networks

Product Specification:

Technical Parameters
1 Interface: Express/34 interface
2 Internal telescopic antenna
3 Receiving Frenquency range :869.04-893.37MHZ
4 Send Frenquency range: 824.04-848.97MHz
5 Data transmission speed :230.400K/s

Product feature:
1.Apply to the 800 MHz CDMA network
2.Using CDMA wireless standard, backward compatible with IS-95A/B network
3. High-speed data packet service, the highest rate reach to 230.4 kbps
4.Voice function,calling,call showing,support QCELP13K and EVRC 8K voice algorithm,calls music tips and so on
5.Support system :Windows2000 , windowsXP ,VISTA chinese/english operating system
6.Powerful telephone directory management function,and directly management and backup UIM card phone directory

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