Boku On mobile payment front

Though having virtual-good payments in games sent directly to cell phone bill is a very simple concept, it has got a lot of attention for both the consumers and developers.

Boku, one of the start-ups, announced that it has signed on a dozen new gaming partners, both a few based on the Facebook platform and some others that are either Web-based or desktop downloads. Its partners include Waves, Cie Studios, Cyberstep, GameDuell, IGG,, NHN USA, Ntreev, Outspark, PerfectWorld, Snap Interactive, and Zoosk, most of which are game manufacturers, not the games themselves. Some of them are most prominent outside the U.S.

Handful of companies are also trying to grab market share in this space, but the most prominent are Boku and rival Zong, which last month announced that it would allow members to sync credit cards with their phone numbers, allowing for larger payments and putting the company closer to direct competition with the likes of PayPal.

Additionally, Boku upgrades some infrastructure which is said to improve the user experience, including the ability to detect whether a phone number that has been entered is landline or mobile–and if mobile, what carrier it’s coming from.

This news is from China electronics manufacturer.

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