BlackBerry will be offered by China Mobile RIM

The world’s second largest smartphone vendor, Canadian smartphone maker Research In Motion (RIM) said it would launch a customized version of the BlackBerry that supports China’s home-grown 3G standard, as part of its latest efforts to expand in the world’s largest mobile phone population.

It signed an agreement with China Mobile to deliver a BlackBerry model that supports China Mobile’s TD-SCDMA network.

To attract more consumer users, China Mobile would offer BlackBerry phones on China’s homegrown TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE networks, the companies said in a joint statement, intensifying the competition among China’s telecom trio in handsets.

Previously, BlackBerries were only officially available in China for corporate users through China Mobile’s sales channels. Balsillie said yesterday that the company plans to expand to tap individual consumers and small businesses.

“We will broaden BlackBerry’s application from big companies, to small-and-medium sized enterprises, and to individuals,” said Wang Jianzhou, the company’s chairman.

“We will jointly offer BlackBerry Internet Service in the future, to cater to the needs of individual customers,” he told reporters.

China Mobile is the only carrier to adopt the TD-SCDMA around the world, making it reliant on the support of major handset makers. The company announced earlier this year it would give 600 million yuan in subsidies to cellphone makers to develop TD-SCDMA handsets. (TD-LTE) — in hopes the technology will mature enough by then to win global acceptance.

RIM is committed to developing TD-SCDMA-enabled handsets with China Mobile, said Jim Basillie, co-CEO of RIM, adding that he had moments earlier made the first trial call to China Mobile’s Wang using TD-SCDMA capable BlackBerry handsets.

RIM and China Mobile also announced they would join hands in developing BlackBerry models that support TD-LTE, China’s home grown

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