Apple Google peep the 7-inch flat-panel market, when Microsoft set sail


2010 Apple released iPad first .opened the market gate which called” media tablet”, then different operating platform trying to scramble for RAID tablet market, mimicking apple in plate market ideas, trying to shake the dominance of apple. The performance of the more prominent with Amazon launched 7inch Mini tablet computer Kindle Fire and Google I/O conference recently released7 inch Nexus7flat panel computer. And these firms have shown for the low-end, Mini tablet Market spying, then a question is, when to end, Microsoft Mini plate market?

Last month, Microsoft dramatic announced the upcoming Windows own brand” Surface” windows 8 tablet computer, the device is divided into Windows RT and Windows 8Pro two version. The Windows 8Pro with X86structure and directly enters the productivity in the field, while Windows RT plate using ARM processor, and iPad as a direct competitor. However, Apple has spread in closed to create Mini iPad, Microsoft will launch Mini Surface plate equipment?
apple 7inch ipad will sell
At the same time, other tablet market also will tend to begin Mini, most of which equipment began to select 7 inch design. At present, Samsung has in the past two years, introduced a variety of operating system based on Android7inch flat panel computer. But when Amazon launched 7inch Kindle Fire tablet computer, users began to focus their attention to the7 inch flat panel device. A strategy is very clear, and the more typical: $200, to the great benefit behavior weakened the strength of competitors, and the integration of books, television programs, including movies, music and a lot of Amazon online services, so that users of Kindle Fire dependence.

Google in June 27th of this year’s I/O developer conference also released a7 inch Nexus 7 flat computer, and uses the same idea of integration with the Kindle Fire and the, in Nexus 7 plate device integrated Google Play digital content services, and use a higher screen resolution solutions and high-end processors, but took the similar price strategy to Kindle Fire — $250, to be directed against Kindle Fire.

Recently, from NPD sources told to the CNET, Amazon before the end of the year will be sent to the market 3 new Kindle Fire tablet computer for Google Nexus 7counter-attacks. The two section of 7inch plate will take the same resolution solution (1280×800) with Nexus 7, and support the 4G network data connection, another Kindle Fire will use8.9 inch screen, resolution of 1920×1200.

In addition, the apple in iPad listed has been considered not to set foot in the Mini dimension flat computer market, but from there came the news, apple clearly also initiated the development of a Mini type iPad. It said the new Mini iPad will use a 7.85 inch screen, screen resolution of 1024×768, retail price of $299, compared to competitors price is higher about 33% lower end plate.

Then again, when sent to Microsoft Mini plate market?

According to Microsoft published data, Windows 8and RT devices can use 7inch screen, this is Microsoft and its OEM partners set aside into small size low end plate the back door of the market, so the industry look forward to in the years before the Windows camp listed Mini size Windows 8 equipment. Taking into account the Microsoft and Barnes & Noble ( Barnes & Noble ) and cooperative relations, does not exclude the possible future of7 inch Nook brand plate and electronic equipment.

However, according to the Windows Phone8 layouts, Microsoft current tend to small size Windows Phone 8 device, rather than the Mini tablet computer. But from the Microsoft Windows Phone 8open hardware specifications of the situation, do not rule out future goods listed5 inch6 inch Windows Phone 8equipment, as the Mini flat variants.

In theory, if the user is careful analysis of the current Surface panel design, it is not difficult to draw Microsoft independent launched Surface brand Mini flat possibilities. With Microsoft Word, Surface is only a series of Window 8 plate equipment start, but the present situation, at least until the end of the year, Microsoft has not revealed to enter the low-end Mini tablet Market signs. But according to rival the pace, Microsoft will have made careful consideration, after all Mini plate market this “fat” has been placed in front of the manufacturer.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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