Android energy saving techniques More durable Phone using


The most headache problem for Android phones powerful life is to make your Android phone more power, here we share a few tips, you can effectively improve the ability of standby.

First, the screen display
Reduce the brightness of the screen, you can effectively save energy, especially Android phone produced by Motorola so far are TFT screen, the shorter will automatically lock the screen time is set to bring some power savings.

Second, to reduce the program running in the background.
Many Android software regardless of useless useful like running in the background, this would no doubt increase the CPU of the task switching time, of course, due to the Android system design reasons, the software can not automatically exit, you can use third-party tools to solve, for example, the mobile-optimized master memory consolidation function, as shown in Figure

Third,Off dynamic wallpaper, reduce the desktop plug-
Android system on the desktop has a very powerful feature.the dynamic wallpapers and appWidget of small plug are large mobile power consumption, if you use a static picture as wallpaper Android will save a lot of power, while many small desktop plug-ins are long-running in the background, such as weather, information, contains the second hand of a clock or system information in real time display of small plug-in electricity costs need to be able to reduce some of the better.

Fourth, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, gravity sensor
For smart phones, usually when you do not have WiFi, do not forget to turn it off, try to use WiFi hibernation feature in the lock screen, Bluetooth is also disable.the GPS position ingrequire real-time to receive the satellite signal is very cost electricity, if not innavigation do not forget to turn off, for gravity sensing internal hardware needs time to collect data, screen if they had to switch a lot of power operation.

Fifth,Try not to call or on the Internet in places with poor signal
calls or the Internet in places with poor Signal for mobile phones, phone the underlying baseband drive will automatically increase the send and receive power, radiation will be much larger than usual in addition to more power-hungry, poor signal quality must not access the Internet or playing phone, send text messages these operations.

Sixth, minimize the use of software containing advertising
For a lot of software on the Android phones are free, but there are still a lot of software built-in advertising, the advertising image transform and downloading ad images in addition to the power outside-consuming but also a waste of GRPS traffic, so to minimize the contain advertising software, some ad ware will collect users’ privacy and other issues. You can use the APK Installer 3.0 series can be found before installing APK advertising, as shown in Figure

Seventh, try to buy large RAM models
For the Android phone, more of RAM can effectively reduce battery consumption, development of site assessment after Android123. Android software uses the Java language to develop in the tight memory system will frequently use the Java Virtual Machine GC mechanism to increase the I / O switching and CPU power, so Andrews mobile phone bought in 2011, at least 512MB of RAM, of course, a lot of running 768MBor 1GB memory are very recommended.

Eighth, sleep at night, using the flight mode
If you sleep at night without the phone open, you can not shut down, directly into the flight mode you can turn off the GSM mobile network communications, such benefits inaddition to energy saving, can reduce cell phone radiation, the boot of the Android mobile phone need to load initialization the very power consumption of a large number of files, repeatedly switching machine will substantially reduce the standby time, quick access to the flight mode you can use the mobile-optimized master setting function, as shown in

Ninth, reducing the volume of ringtones
If you are hearing is more sensitive and appropriate to reduce the volume of the ringtones, the same call volume can be reduced to achieve power saving purposes, but do not set too small, so as not to delay the event. Quickly adjust the volume level can use mTweak quick set volume adjustment function

Tenth, regularly update the software
A lot of software design is not science, has seriously affected the life of the Andrews phone in the design logic, this can be updated to the new version to solve some of the early developers design applications less than

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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