android 4.0 mini PC

android mini PC

Product Name: android 4.0 mini PC
Product ID: KK
MOQ: 100pcs
Product Introduce: android 4.0

China Electronics Specification:
android mini PC is mini design for PC work
android mini PC is mini design for PC work
android mini PC is mini design for PC work
android mini PC is mini design for PC work

More Information about android 4.0 mini PC:
CPU: AllWinner A10 @ 1.5GHz + Mali 400mhz GPU
Storage: 4GB Flash
microSD slot: (Up to 32GB)
WiFI: WiFi 802.11b/g
USB: micro USB 2.0/OTG port
USB 2.0 Host port
Keyboard: Android Virtual Keyboard or support 2.4G Wireless keyboard + fly mouse
Video output: HDMI (1080p)
Video formats: WMV/ASF/MP4/3GP/3G2M4V/AVI/MJPEG/RV10/DivX/VC-1/MPEG-2/MPEG-4/H.263/H.264/1280*720P HD 30 fps, 1080P/720*480 D1 30fps
Audio formats: AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, QCP, MP3, WMA, WAV, MIDI, M4A
OS: Android 4.0 (ICS)
Power input: 5V/2A
Size: 8.8*3.5*1.2cm
Weight: 200g

1. Hardware upgrade
a. Comprehensive DDRIII-generation 1GB of memory, out of the 512MB models, our models full use of modern the Micron imported memory, never Taiwan and Mainland black studios produced poor quality memory;
b. Increased Japanese imports of the inner core MIC off machine 1 ~ 2m distance can clear collect and record voice messages, is fully compatible with Skype, QQ, micro-channel, m chat and voice chat tool, which is currently on the market only support voice enter Andriod MiniPC, to make up for the defects of the first generation of products;
c. Optimize the power part of the design, reduce machine power consumption, make the machine run more stable;
d. Optimization WiFi part of the design, and further enhance the speed and stability of the wireless transmission.

2. software upgrade
a. Officially upgrade Andriod4.0.4 kernel, and increase support for minority languages ​​such as Thai, Dutch;
b. Further optimize the machine compatible with flat-panel TVs and monitors, and curing the horizontal screen;
c. USB camera support;
d. Part of the display, increase the resolution adjustment, white balance adjustment;
e. Increase of the recording function;
f. Modify a series of bugs.

3. Appearance upgrade
a. The the Led light transmission hole in the upper left corner of the previous modified voice entry Mic hole;
b. Will adjust the LED to the front of the translucent shade at;
c. Increase the support of the shell more minutes of color increased on the basis of the previous black-and-white, pink orange yellow green and blue.

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