Analysts said the Win8 maybe unable to help manufacturers improve PC sales


May 20, according to Reuters, the Canadian investment bank BMO Capital analyst said Microsoft Windows 8 system will be introduced this year, PC makers may not be able to help improve PC sales, which lowered the target price of Hewlett-Packard and Dell.

PC sales in the last year, most of the time not lukewarm not fire, but the data released by market research firm Gartner in the first quarter of this year, PC sales recorded a surprising 1.9% growth.
The industry generally believes that the long-awaited Windows 8 will boost PC sales. However, BMO Capital did not so optimistic. The “Windows 8 will not disappoint, at least just launched.” BMO Capital analyst Keith? Bachmann (Keith Bachman wrote) wrote in the investment report.
Bachman pointed out that PC makers exist profit margins, higher component costs. Bachmann accuracy in forecasting corporate earnings, a Thomson Reuters’s professional rating agencies Star-Mine “4 Star” rating, HP, Dell and other companies are within the scope of his research.
HP is the world’s largest PC maker, Dell ranked in third place after the association. The two companies will report quarterly earnings next week.
In addition to Dell and HP, Bachmann, data storage equipment maker Net-App Inc and network parts maker Brocade Communications Systems Inc. growth worried. The analyst will Net-App’s target price reduced from $ 45 to $ 42, Brocade’s price target lowered from $ 6.75 to $ 5.75

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