Acer founder said that Microsoft will exit the tablet PC market later


Acer founder Stan Shih table commented that Microsoft launched Surface Tablet PC to stimulate the equipment manufacturers Windows Tablet PC, once this goal is reached, Microsoft will exit the Tablet PC market.

Shih said: “Microsoft’s true intentions is not to sell its own brand of Tablet PC”, “Once the purpose is reached, Microsoft will not reproduce any style equipment.”
The Shih think Microsoft’s strategy is to encourage equipment manufacturers Windows Tablet PC. Microsoft has no reason to sell hardware, because the profits is less than software licensing. Stan Shih, analysts said Microsoft’s strategy is to achieve this goal.
Needless to say, Microsoft’s strategy has shown a positive effect. A more ironic view is that Microsoft offers its own brand of tablet PCs in order to better compete with Apple Andrews. Microsoft’s own brand of Tablet PC to PC manufacturers put pressure on. They had not received any warning, now must compete with each other at the same time contend with Microsoft.
It is said that Dell released today the official commented: “Microsoft is an important cooperative partner of Dell, we look forward to Windows 8 tablet PCs and other products in the autumn of this year.
Stan Shih, Acer also stressed this point: to accept Windows system suppliers should be a positive interpretation of Microsoft’s intentions, because they benefit from Microsoft’s marketing policy. ”
This sounds a lot like Google’s previous strategy. Google has to use its Nexus phone to achieve this goal, Nexus Tablet PC is also about to launch.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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