A new generation of SIM card standard baked apple verge of victory


Released the highly anticipated new generation of SIM (nano-SIM) card standard. The official website of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has disclosed information, the new SIM card than the smallest Micro-SIM card volume 40% smaller, and the announcement of this data, but also most likely means that Apple nano-SIM card win the standards battle.

Although ETSI did not disclose to release details of the vote and won the technical standards, but the industry believes that the ETSI revealed the size of the new generation of SIM cards with Apple nano-SIM card the size closest to, while Nokia, RIM and Motorola jointly proposed program is pushed out of the edge.
Recently, around the competition for next-generation SIM card standard is very intense, led by Apple and Nokia, the manufacturers are trying to design the next generation of standards. Experts have pointed out, the reason why Apple close to victory, its free patented technology to attracting hearts and minds of a great relationship. At the same time, Apple’s nano-SIM card designed for operators, SIM card manufacturers, and mobile device manufacturers will not bring much transition costs. In addition, a large user base is also ETSI must be considered in selecting a major factor. However, the competitors, this is not a good news, because using Apple’s standard would mean that they will be restricted on the patent and product design.
Apple can have the last laugh, but what is certain is that a new generation of SIM cards is bound to bring the entire industry a huge change. It is reported that the size of the mobile phone SIM card affect phone hardware design and arrangement. The advantages of a new generation of SIM cards in size, will leave more space for batteries and other accessories. In addition, some manufacturers between the SIM card size is not uniform, the mutual incompatibility often occurs, a new generation of SIM harmonization of standards will help standardize the entire mobile phone industry. Although the standard only for the European region, the global standard in the future is the trend。

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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