360 special for the machine have added 47 fire recruits Askar full raid millet


Recently, the 360 companies in the Sina official microblogging announced the official launch of another special for the machine – “Acre 47 (AK47)”, and published the official configuration, which uses a 1.2Ghz dual-core A9 processor, Texas Instruments, the OMAP 44604.5-inch IPS retinal high-definition display resolution of 1280 × 720, pre-200W rear 500W pixel camera, 1G RAM memory, storage 4GROM, SRS audio certification speaker, priced at just 1699 yuan. Sparked widespread concern after the exposure of the message, configure and price point of view, Askar 47 of this product, as its name – AK47, to cost-effective, tough, durable and known for, no doubt directly prove safety 1999 the price of , millet mobile phones, whether this is how a product? I take you one by one it seems

A simple and tough type in appearance
Get started early, 9.75mm slim body Askar 47 “exceptionally eye-catching, pure black, tough and low-key appearance, but also no shortage of charm. Body clean, simple lines, the use of an integrated body design, the use of high-strength magnesium alloy frame, a first class in the robustness. Askar 47 “graphite thermal technology down time can be alert, calm. By comparison, 11.5mm millet phone bloated, its often-criticized fever “Acre 47” front can be described as thoroughly discredited.
Askar 47 is equipped with a 4.5 inch 16 million color IPS screen resolution of 1280×720 pixel density of 326ppi, with the iPhone the same level of the retinal screen, display exceptionally outstanding; the millet phone is a TFT screen, color, viewing angle, resolution can not contend with the retinal levels IPS screen. IPS hard screen technology is currently the world’s most advanced LCD technology. Compared with the traditional soft-screen LCD, IPS hard screen hard-screen LCD response speed faster, the motion picture presented more smooth. It has a dynamic picture images without blur, fast response, no offset, color, viewing angle, touch smear, and many other features, so it is the best currently on the market of a display.
Two, struck the first blow strong inner core
alcatel android phone
Single frequency on the 360 special for the machine, “Askar 47” dual-core 1.2G seems weaker than the the millet mobile phone dual-core 1.5G, but in fact, the two are completely different generation of architecture products. 360 special for the machine, “Askar 47” using the Cortex-A9 architecture Texas Instruments OMAP 4460 processor, while the the millet phone 1.5G is the Qualcomm MSM8260, the previous generation Cortex-A8 architecture. Only indicators of the floating-point operations, the A9 performance improvements of up to 54% more to double the data processing capacity, the OMAP 4460 1M L2 cache on the MSM8260’s 512K secondary cache has doubled, the most obvious is bring more than 10% -20% of mobile browser speed and performance of the whole upgrade.
In memory, “Askar 47 more using dual-channel DDR2 1G 400Mhz of RAM, compared to under millet phone using single-channel DDR 333MHz 1G RAM eclipsed. Powerful CPU with high-speed RAM, and will, “Acre 47” unparalleled strong performance, spike millet effortlessly on the hardware configuration.
Third, the video Almighty, both civil and military
alcatel android chipset
“Askar 47 (AK47)” not only in hardware powerful enough to configure all out on the audio and video functions, equipped with a 5 million-pixel autofocus camera rear +200 megapixel front camera, adjustment after the original high-definition, the actual camera effect shoulder to shoulder level Samsung Galaxy Nexus. “Acre 47” support comes with LED flash, the ability to record 1080P HD video, and a dual microphone noise reduction technology, can be described as the creation of audio and video up weapon.
Askar 47 “configuration of the product to another eye-catching is the top international audio laboratory SRS certification of stereo speakers, so users can enjoy the home theater-like sound shocking on the phone. Over the years, SRS Labs continuously develop signs of new technologies such as SRS TruBass ®, SRS WOW, SRS TruSurround XT and SRS TruVolume been widely applied to be a personal high-quality sound products in the field. SRS Labs so far in the world has more than 150 patents and is recognized as the foremost authority in research and application of human auditory principles. This configuration has revolutionized the existing mobile phone a decent speaker, restore poor, murmur, without the shortcomings of the independent decoder chip will no doubt be in the audio-visual experience for the user to bring a new experience.
Askar 47 of the SGX 540 graphics chip, with 50 million per second triangle rendering capabilities, pixel fill capacity of up to 620 million / sec, while the the millet phone is obsolete Adreno220 graphics chip, only 20 million per second triangle rendering capabilities of the 260 million / sec pixel fill capacity, in the graphics on the big screen, “Askar 47” no doubt fire more, which means playing the game more fluid, more cool visual effect. “47 Acre” to support a maximum of 21Mbps 3G downlink transfer rate, so that in the era of 3G speed surfing at the forefront of Cheong Hang sector, across the barrier.
As a multinational telecommunications equipment giant, “Askar 47” manufactured by Alcatel mobile phone design, its excellent product quality and perfect after-sale network is no doubt. I was also informed that 360 special for the machine “47 Acre” user feedback will be an additional gift worth more than $ 300 battery + stereo headset packs prepared to give you “47 Acre” dual clip. The price of 1699 yuan, plus a wealth of gifts, “Askar 47” this product will no doubt bring a new round of impact a lot of phone including millet phone including.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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