360 released the third paragraph special the machine in China


Yesterday, Qihoo 360 and Haier jointly announced the launch of the latest in a configuration of 360 special for the machine “Haier super battleship”, 10000 Price 1888 yuan Qihoo 360 chairman claimed that this is 3000 yuan mobile phone to run “the fastest growing mobile phone, the speed is 1.6 times that of millet phone. This is Qihoo 360 following the cooperation with Huawei, Alcatel, introduced a third 360 special for your mobile phone.

In order to show the phone’s three defenses, Haier demonstration site with irrigated Haier super battleship, draw the screen with a key and a knife, are intact.
Do experience do not speak of phone talk about the hardware configuration is a mirage, our super-battleship are the most advanced configuration, speed 1.6 times faster than the millet phone yesterday, Zhou introduced, although the performance victory over the millet, but it will make money , the price is 1888 RMB, lower than millet.
Zhou predicted that the next three years, the mobile phone market will show a traditional mobile phone operators and Internet companies, one-third of the pattern of world.

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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