16GB model retail price 3688RMB of new generation of iPad


The new generation of Apple iPad (The New iPad) today sale in Mainland China. The new generation of iPad will through the Apple Store online store, and the specific Apple authorized dealers, as well as scheduled from the Apple retail stores for sale. 19 Apple retail stores every day 9:00 to 12:00 is scheduled to accept the request to the next day to the store pick up. It is understood that a new generation of iPad book the first day of sales is not hot.

WiFi version of the new iPad will launch the color of black, white, 16GB models recommended retail price of 3688 RMB, 32GB models for 4488 RMB, 64GB models for 5288 RMB. WiFi 3G new the iPad suggested retail price of 4688 RMB for the 16GB model, 32GB model is 5488 RMB, 6288 RMB, 64GB models.
Apple’s new iPad Retina screen resolution of 2048 × 1536, and four times the previous generation product. The new iPad camera predecessors, a significant improvement after iPad2 the rear camera 700 000 pixels are now 5 million. Users can take to shoot 1080p HD video clips. Processor, the new the iPad carry A5X processor, the previous generation iPad is the A5 processor. Apple said, A5X processor speed NVIDIA Tegra 3 times the performance of the latter four times. In addition, the new iPad thickness of 9.4 mm, 8.8 mm more than the second generation; weighs 635 grams, 601 grams more than the second generation; battery life and iPad2 are 10 hours, but the 4G network state, the life time of hour

This technology news is from China Electronics manufacturer.

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